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For 5,000 years, humans lived in the past tense: “Yesterday was the same as tomorrow. “ For the next 500 years people lived in the present tense: “Today can be whatever we want it to be.” But now, for the next 50 years we must start living in the future tense: “Tomorrow’s social, economic and political constraints must become today’s reality.”


Table of Contents

01. Title, Dedication, Acknowledgements and Preface


02. The Millennial Challenge


03. The Question of Our Time
04. Is Wealth And Income Disparity An Issue?
05. Is Societal Collapse An Issue?
06. Is The Current State Of The Human Condition An Issue?
07. Is The Role And Function Of Government An Issue?
08. Is National Security An Issue?
09. Is Ownership And Control Of Knowledge An Issue?


10. Connecting the Dots
11. Wealth and Income Disparity/National Security

11.1 Too Poor for Peace

12. Wealth and Income Disparity /Role and Function of Government

12.1 Low wage jobs are bad for the country
12.2 For too many, working more means making less

13. Wealth and Income Disparity/The Human Condition

13.1 In quality of life US trails peers
13.2 Too much of a good thing turns bad

14. Societal Collapse/Ownership and Control of Knowledge

14.1 The End of Truth

15. Societal Collapse/National Security

 15.1 Climate Change Is an Immediate Security Risk

16. Environmental Collapse/Role and Function of Government

16.1 Climate summit part 1.
16.2 Climate summit part 2.
16.3 Climate summit part 3.
16.4 Lecturing other nations won’t fix climate change

17. Human Condition/Ownership and Control of Knowledge

17.1 Can MOOCs save academic freedom
17.2 Wisdom and the Human Condition

18. The Human Condition/National Security

18.1 The Arab spring

19. Role and Function of Government/Ownership and Control of Knowledge

19.1 The student debt crisis

20. Wealth and Income Disparity/Societal Collapse

20.1 Societal Collapse and Common Wealth

21. Societal Collapse/The Human Condition

21.1 Easter Island Story as a Video or as Text.
21.2 The carrying capacity of the planet

22. The Human Condition/Role and Function of Government

22.1 Cheap and fast is no trade-off for quality

23. The Role and Function of Government/National Security

23.1 Big government or bad government
23.2 The national debt

24. National Security/Ownership and Control of Knowledge

24.1 National Security versus Privacy of Information

25. Ownership and Control of Knowledge/Wealth and Income Disparity

25.1 Occupying learning and knowledge
25.2 Bleak Job Growth Reports No Suprise


26. Conceptual Framework
27. Interactive Graphic
28. The Matrix
29. A Theory of Everything


30.The Psychological

30.1 Living in the Future Tense
30.2 Sometimes We Must Set Limits

31. Constructive Alternativism
32. This I Believe

32.1 A Final Word
32.2 “I Believe in Us”


33. Family Political Forums

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